Ayurvedic full body oil massage (Abhayangam) course


This course gives a complete clarity on how to practice Ayurvedic oil massage for health, stress reduction and general wellbeing .

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Ayurvedic full body oil massage (Abhyangam) course

Duration: 4 days, 2 hours per day of hands on practice to learn full body Ayurvedic massage.

Includes: Access to online Abhyangam oil massage course.

Cost: 14,000 INR


Abhyangam is considered as Rasayana (rejuvenation) in Ayurveda and should be done frequently to enhance well being and to balance Vata Dosha. Some benefits of this massage include relaxation, rejuvenation, nourishment of the tissues, anti ageing, improved blood circulation, relief from joint pains and many more. Join our course to learn how to do a full body massage, an introduction to Ayurvedic principles and therapeutic usage of Ayurvedic massage oils. The course is mainly practical and students will also receive access to our online Abhyangam oil massage course.

This course includes

  • 4x 2 hour practical sessions with one of our certified Ayurveda Therapists.
  • Oils and all accessories needed for practice will be provided.
  • Use of therapy rooms for practice in your own time during the course.
  • Access to Online Abhyangam full body oil massage (Abhyangam) course.
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