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Panchakarma FAQ's

In Ayurveda treatment of diseases are classified into “SHODHANA (PURIFICATION)” & “SHAMANA (PACIFICATION)”  SHODHANA CHIKITSA in Ayurveda is termed as PANCHAKARMA. It is a detox treatment which has a great therapeutic role in treating many diseases and also for rejuvenation and prevention of disease.

What is Panchakarma?

Panchakarma is a bio-cleansing regimen which cleans the body tissues deeply specially from fat soluble toxins,. These therapies help in the elimination of disease-causing factors and maintain the equilibrium of body, mind and soul.

Who should take Panchakarma treatments?
  • Healthy individuals between the age of 18 and 70. For health preservation and rejuvenation.
  • For treating disease of various etiology.
  • For De addiction. Specially smoking.
What diseases can be treated with Panchakarma procedures?

Panchakarma is beneficial in the management of various systemic diseases e.g. Joint disorders (Osteo Arthiritis and Gout), Musculoskeletal (Low backache and slip disc), Dermatological (Psoriasis and Eczema), Neurological (Paralysis, Migraine), Respiratory disorders (Sinusitis, Chronic Cough, Bronchial asthma), Gynecological disorders (Leucorrhea, Post Menopausal syndrome), Psychiatric (Depression), De addiction etc. It is also widely prescribed in chronically incurable diseases and for improving the quality of life.

What are the steps involved for Panchakarma at our clinic?

First step: First step is consultation with the doctor involving Pulse and complete physical examination, after diagnosis doctor will decide a specific treatment protocol for you including lifestyle changes, Dietary recommendations, Prescription of herbs and a Specific and unique Panchakarma treatment protocol if needed.

Second step: If any Panchakarma treatments are prescribed by the doctor, they are performed by experienced therapists under the strict observation of the doctor. There is a daily check up and examination by the doctor during treatments.

Third Step: After Treatments are finished a follow up consultation including follow up advices, Dietary recommendations, Rejuvenative herbs and follow up prescription is given.

What is the Time period required for Panchakarma treatments?

The duration for each procedure of Panchakarma therapy varies according to the choice of the attending physician. However the general duration for panchakarma treatment range from minimum 7 days upto maximum 60 days.  But it is important to notice that there is no pre decided package for panchakarma treatments as every individual needs different and unique set of treatments for his/her health condition.

Are all the Panchakarma procedures needed for each patient?

According to the health condition and requirement one or more (out of five) or all five Panchakarma procedures can be employed. To complete all five treatments minimum 60 days are required.

What is the time difference required between two Panchakarma procedures?

It is very important to understand that human body cannot bear two cleansing processes at the same time or immediately one after the other, so we give 7 days’ interval in between two panchakarma treatments. That means after Vomiting minimum 7 days of rest and light diet is given before starting purgation or any other treatment.  Patients don’t have to pay any fees or charge during rest days.