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Panchakarma / Prices & Policy


The exact quote for a panchakarma treatment is given only after a first consultation, the average price for a week of panchakarma procedure can

range from 8,000 INR – 18,000 INR (including oils) depending on which treatment is advised by the doctor.

On an average, a one-month panchakarma can cost from 22,000 – 32,000 INR (including oils).

For a 45 day panchakarma the average price can be 40,000 – 60,000 INR (including oils).


Cost break down for each Panchakarma procedure

A procedure that is completed in 7–14 days with cost ranging between 8,000 INR – 15,000 INR (including oils).

A procedure that is completed in 5–9 days, and costs between 6,500–9,000 INR (including oils).

Minimum of 3 days can be done, cost per day is 800 INR (including oils).

Generally, the vasti procedure is a mixture of oil and cleansing enema and can be done for a minimum of 3–5 days but on an average 8 days, 15 days or up to a maximum of 30 consecutive days can be done.


Oil vasti (anuvasan vasti) which includes full body massage and local steam and an oil enema costs 2,500 INR* per day.

If it is done with only back massage then it is 1,500 INR* per day.

Cleansing enema (niruha vasti) is 1,800 INR* per treatment.

* The prices above are for treatment only. Oil prices are calculated as an extra and on an average, it can range from 150–300 INR per day.

Local massage and steam 2,000 INR

Refund Policy:  We have a simple refund policy. If you are unable to finish the treatments, we will happily pay back your rest of the money. Normally we dont take advance payments ,so this issue does not arise much.