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If you are looking for wellness or trying to heal a disease, it is important to understand the holistic framework of the body and mind. A lot of people could benefit from Ayurveda but often don’t have access to high quality Ayurvedic knowledge and care. We are offering online consultations available from the comfort of your home.

If you are looking for wellness advice or a treatment plan for your health issues through a holistic Ayurvedic approach then please book an email, phone or a skype consultation. The consultation will include a prakriti and vikriti diagnosis and a personalised diet, nutrition, lifestyle, yoga, pranayama, health supplements and Ayurvedic medication advice.

Booking an online consultation

Please complete the form below with your time zone, availability, country and a short description of why you are booking this consultation.


Email consultation                                                                          $30

Phone consultation 30 minutes                                                     $50



Video consultation

  • Wellness consultation 45 minute consultation                                                                            $80
  • Follow up package (45minute consultation + 30 minute follow up a month later)                 $120
  • Consultation pack 6 consultations pack 30 minutes each.                                                       $300

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