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When diet is wrong medicine is of no use
When diet is correct medicine is of no use

Ayurveda is a holistic medical system and it offers real solutions to our health problems and also for health preservation. Nutrition or what is a right and proper diet has always been a great interest for everybody. Ayurvedic nutrition is based on individual needs and there is no need to guess which foods and supplements are appropriate for an individual, Ayurveda provides a definite path and protocol to assess what food is recommended for an individual both in healthy and diseased condition. This takes all the guesswork out of deciding right and appropriate diet. The diet is decided not only to improve physical health but Benefits of Ayurvedic nutrition is also seen in our mental and emotional well being.

Ayurveda, Offers a scientific roadmap and protocol for determining correct diet based upon an individual’s Prakriti (Body constitution), Vikruti(the diseased state) mental and emotional state. Ayurveda does not only talk about good nutrition but also give guidelines about cooking it in a proper way and eating with a good and positive frame of mind and also talks about nutritional disorders and bad combinations which produce toxic effects in our body.Another most important concept that is explained in Ayurveda is the concept of Agni (The metabolic fire)When Agni is right food is properly digested and body tissues get well nourished and one achieves longevity, strength, good health, enthusiasm, vitality and overall healthy development of body and mind. But if Agni is not functioning properly then what ever good quality food we eat, it does not get properly digested and instead of giving nourishment it is toxic for the body and produce imbalance of the doshas.

It’s not the food which nourishes, It’s the power good Agni which provide nourishment to an individual
~ Dr. Arun Sharma