Ayurveda and Mind

Ayurveda / Mind Type

Know your Ayurveda Mind Constitution

Mind types or TriGunas or Manas Doshas are three mental states, Out of them Sattva is the balanced state and Rajas and tamas are the doshas(imbalanced states) We should always try to keep our mind in sattavic state, Rajas and tamas comes into play when we have to be very active or shut down our mind. But the controller should always be the sattavic state.

Following are the properties of different types:

  1. Sattva
    Neutral balanced, positive, cool! Calm! Sweet! Disturbances can’t affect this. High spirits are core of this aspect. This is able to enlighten all the objects by its glow. Rest two may cause any deformities but purity of it’s never allows disturbances to invade. Kind as love of nature and pure as Brahaman itself.
  2. Rajas
    Rajas Guna is activity, factor responsible for change, works to rearrange the things and ideas, transaction from darkness to light or vice-versa. It transforms potential energies of life and nature into kinetic energies. New formations anywhere in the world are controlled by this specific factor.
  3. Tamas
    Inertia!! Binds things to their places, hates any alteration or renovation. This is orthodox in nature. It makes things to deposit. Negative approach is a big and positive is zero here. Important for a pause, which give the relaxation to all animates. In nutshell when there is no use of intellect is called as tamasic state.people even show animal behavior during this state, Which is impulsive and there is no use of intellect.

The three stages are not permanent. They are changeable according to reaction to different life situations. A human being can be in different state of mind at different times, but mental prakriti is a state of a human being which is most natural to him even in stress full situations.