Meet our Alumni

We welcome students from all over the world to study at Ayuskama Ayurveda Institute. You can read more about how they are using their Ayurvedic knowledge here.


Laura Brine


Ayurveda guides my life. I share wisdom gifted by Dr Sharma blended with Yoga through Life-Style Workshops, Retreats, Consultation, Life-Style Planning & Courses internationally. I trade ethically, sharing Ayurveda products in the UK & give back through charitable work with disadvantaged children. I'm so grateful for Ayurveda in my life - it really is the 'Life-Science' & transformed mine.


Ola Kevich


I live in the French island of la Réunion where I work as an Ayurvedic practitioner and therapist. My office is in Saint-Pierre, I receive patients for individual treatments and organise prefessional trainings in Ayurveda, Reflexology and Yoga.


Nataly Taccola


I'm a Brazilian, practicing Ayurveda in The Netherlands and in Brazil. I've been helping people all over the world though my online counselling on lifestyle, dietary changes along with herbs and yogic thinking. Thank you Dr. Sharma. Hope to continue receiving knowledge from you in the future. Namaste!


Mihir Joglekar


I am a yoga teacher from India. Doing the Level 1 course with Dr. Arun has enabled me with the tools for a better understanding of Doshas and Ayurvedic Routine; which has helped to sequence my yoga classes according to the situation of the day, season and the Prakriti of the person. I provide advice and treatments to both my regular students in Mumbai at my studio called Jogashala and to people who I meet while traveling for workshops and training programs.


Nicole Radomska


Thanks to Dr Arun Sharma I was able to go deeper into Ayurvedic wisdom and get to know it in a classical, traditional way. I am really grateful for the opportunity to study and become an Ayurvedic Therapist with such an inspiring teacher. I'm practicing Ayurveda through individual consultations, workshops and massages. As psychologist I combine it with modern psychological point of view, which helps me in better undestanding the connections between body, mind and soul.


Pablo Solovera


I am a certified physical therapist and Ayurvedic apprentice. I have lived most of the past 5 years in India to get more involved with the practice and studies delivered by Dr. Sharma. Currently, my wife and I are holding Ayurvedic medicine seminars and workshops in Chile and Latin America, in addition to organizing various trips to India.


Benjamin Comte


I am from Switzerland, studied hotel school management, yoga instructor and massage therapist, I am offering Ayurvedic treatments on a Pacific beach of Panama, central America.


Moira Forsyth


I trained as a Level 1 Therapist with Dr Sharma in 2019 and use my knowledge to blend with my yoga teaching. I deliver workshops on Yoga and Ayurveda for the Seasons and general health and wellbeing, as well as moving towards specialising more on Ayurveda for women (pregnancy and menopause).


Lucie Courbet


I started studying Ayurveda with an introduction training with Ola Kevich. Then I followed a programme taught by Dr Arun to become an Ayurvedic practitioner. I feel a real pleasure to associate Ayurveda and yoga and to share these two passions at my centre, called Amla Ayurveda in the North of France. I offer Ayurvedic consultations and Abhyangam, Udvartanam or Shirodhara treatments.