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Ayurveda Rasayana Therapy

The word Rasayana is composed of two words Rasa + Ayan. Rasa means “nourishing juice” and Ayan means “pathways or channels”, So term Rasayana means by which one gets the excellence of Rasa (Nourishing juice) is known as Rasayana.  Apart from the excellence of Rasa, the individual is endowed with Psychic excellence like mental stability and alertness, by virtue of rejuvenation therapy. Drugs, diet and regimens which promote longevity by delaying aging and preventing diseases are called Rasayana.

Benefits of Rasayana Therapy:

  • Rasayana Chikitsa is supposed to nourish blood, lymph, flesh, adipose tissue and semen, and thus prevent freedom from chronic degenerative disorders like Arthritis and disease of senility.
  • Rasayana is thought to improve metabolic processes which results in best possible biotransformation and produce the best quality bodily tissue and delay senility and prevent other diseases of old age.
  • Rasayana which has a marked action on sexual organs are called Vrishya as Shukra Dhatu is best nourished by it.
    Rasayana builds natural resistance against infection.Increases immunity and have an Immunomodulator effect, which prevents any kind of autoimmune disorders
  • Rasyana therapy reduces the oxidative stress and reduces the free radical injury and delays ageing.

Ayurvedic Rasayana therapy at Ayuskama

Rasayana is a highly specialized branch of ayurveda,  Ayuskama who is carrying a lineage of traditional Ayurveda treatments, specializes in Rasyana therapy.  There are Numerous Rasyana therapies explained in traditional ayurvedic texts, the suitable Rasayana therapy for an individual is chosen only after a detailed consultation with our Ayurvedic Physician.


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